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Yes, thats me lying on a helipad in the Mediterranean!

What your names not Have you packed the camera? Surprisingly no.... I'm Paul Skidmore, hailing from Nottinghamshire in England. I have always enjoyed holidays and travelling - growing up, I have been lucky enough to have a family that have always holidayed abroad and enjoyed the outdoors. To begin with I enjoyed the sun and sand and I was more into building sandcastles and playing in the sea (still do enjoy that actually lol?).

Enjoying a pint in the Liberty of the Seas English themed pub

It was not until visiting Barcelona in 2010 I realised that I wanted to see the world and visit new places and cultures; since then I have travelled as much as possible and visited some amazing places. I am by no means a backpacker - I have a fulltime job in England, and I enjoy the relative comfort of a hotel, but whenever I can I will get away; I love visiting new places in England such as Ribblehead Viaduct, Whitby and Chatsworth, city breaks to Europe and planning long trips like New York/Caribbean in 2012.

Taking in the view at Malham Cove

I also love photography and photo-editing - I have always been a nerd at heart, but i'm comfortable with that and its enabled me to make this website and produce some amazing photos (If I do say so myself, no ego obviously) - I can spend hours on Adobe Lightroom editing photos and creating some (what I consider to be) stylish end products.

Watching the sunset in the Mediterranean

Have you packed the Camera? Is my personal travel & photography blog - I started it in early 2013 to document my travels and share my photography with fellow enthusiasts - simply uploading my photos to Facebook wasn't enough. Take a look around and get in touch to share some of your own travel stories, and thanks for visiting; Happy Travels!

Whale watching in Iceland
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