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Racing through a Sugar Plantation in Falmouth Jamaica

Racing a Dune Buggy through an old Sugar Plantation in Falmouth, Jamaica

Back to the Caribbean in 2012 - Can't get enough of the place! There is so much to do and so many different places to explore. This time I opted for a Dune Buggy tour in Falmouth, Jamaica - I don't think my fellow traveller Simon was as enthusiastic as I was, mainly because he knew I would be driving haha! If you want some fun and excitement then I would definitely recommend a Dune Buggy or ATV tour - They are just so much fun and a laugh!

We pre-booked our tour with Chukka (brilliant tour operator who do various tours such as ATV's and Rafting) and set off from the port of Falmouth to an old Sugar Plantation. The scenery on the way was fantastic, you also got to see the real Jamaica and how the people actually lived - so different from the modern and well built cruise ports.

Vroooooooooooooom! Look at the concentration on my face! I'm actually not that tanned - my arms are just dirty hahaha

Helmet on, engine on, seatbelt on, GO GO GO GO GO!!!! Well... It didn't quite happen like that but after a short orientation session we were straight into the action - It was so much fun, racing round bumpy dirt tracks and lush groves in a 4x4 Buggy; totally amazing! It's definitely not a tour for the faint hearted; The steering is harsh and my arms were aching after, the tracks are extremely bumpy, and we were covered in orange dirt/dust afterwards. However this was all part of the experience and we didn't mind at all!

Stopping for a break and a drink - Thirsty work! Particuarly sharp corner there, aced it! Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the sugar plantation

For your money you get plenty of driving time and also our tour guides gave us some great historical information about the plantation; we also stopped at some old ruins including a watermill and wheel. The driving was so much fun - the exhilaration of hurtling around, turning sharp corners, flying through the dust and rocks and watching the beautiful scenery of Falmouth shoot by was something else. The only downside was that you had to pay if you wanted any photographs that were taken during the tour - We didn't begrudge this and looking back, I would have been disappointed if I didn't have any mementos to bring home.

Yes our clothes were slightly browner than when we started... Looking rather pleased with myself and my driving skills!

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We would advise you to wear an old set of clothes as you will get dusty, take some water with you, and if possible take a video camera - we had a hand held Kodak sports camera which enabled us to get some great footage of the ride. Also, it is worth buying at least a couple of photos for a memento of your tour. 10/10 for excitement and fun!

Posted by Paul on 26.10.13

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