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Antarctica Travel Itinerary - November 2014

After some really disappointing news about not being able to travel to Kenya on safari (I can't have the Yellow Fever vaccination due to my transplant), I thought about where I could go later in the year for a long trip. For several years now it has been my dream to go to Antarctica, but the expense always held me back, what to do?

Fortunately in life we often have impulsive moments that can change everything - I had one of these and I can now proudly say that this November I am going to Antarctica with G Adventures!!!!!! I literally burst with excitement when I booked the trip and I still can't believe it now - I...am....going...to....Antarctica!!!!!!! After juggling my budget and re-evaluating my savings I was certain I could afford the tour, albeit with no funds for any other trips until 2015.

My blog will now be littered with Antarctica related articles until I go, and then littered with even more articles when I get back so get ready! This first article is just a piece about the itinerary so you can get an idea of what's involved with an Antarctic cruise.

Flights to Ushuaia

I will be flying to Ushuaia - The southernmost city of South America, and (most say) the world. The flights are going to be "interesting" to say the least, I knew it wouldn't be straight forward to get to Ushuaia, and boy was I right, take a look at this schedule!

  • Outbound
  • Manchester to Amsterdam - 1h15 mins plus 1h05 stop at Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam to Buenos Ares - 14h10 mins plus 3h45 stop at Buenos Ares
  • Buenos Ares to Ushuaia - 3h45 mins
  • Return
  • Ushuaia to Buenos Ares - 3h28 mins plus 18h12 stop at Buenos Ares
  • Buenos Ares to Paris - 13h5 mins plus 2h20 stop at Paris
  • Paris to Manchester - 1h30 mins

Can't wait to tackle this bad boy!


I have booked the tour with G Adventures - I considered several tour operators but went with them due to their reasonable (for Antarctica!!) prices, itinerary and amount of actual time spent at Antarctica. If you want detailed info on the tour follow this link. Below is a brief outline of what I can expect:

  • Day 1 - Ushuaia (I'll be dead from the flight)
  • Day 2 - Ushuaia - Sailing through the amazing Beagle Channel
  • Day 3/4 - The Drake Passage - Can't wait for this, if what I hear is true!
  • Day 5/10 - Antarctica! - Omg omg omg!
  • Day 11-12 - The Drake Passage
  • Day 13 - Ushuaia

During the time I get in Antarctica the aim is to do two Zodiac landings on the actual continent per day and I should get to see some amazing scenery and wildlife. I lucked out in Iceland when whale watching, so maybe I will get lucky this time? I can't put into words how excited I am to be going; To me Antarctica is the last frontier on earth, an unconquerable vast wilderness. I feel privileged just to even say I am going.

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