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Musical Budapest

Musical Budapest - Live street performances and beautiful choir music

I love music. I love listening to music, I love singing (I can't sing at all but it makes me happy) and I love watching live music where the musicians have a genuine talent. While in Budapest we had some great musical encounters that stuck in my mind - Luckily I videoed several of them and would like to share them with you all. Comments are welcome - Is there a particular musical performance that you remember? What has been your best city for street music and live performances?

Metal drum street artist in Vajdahunyad castle

We came across this talented performer in the grounds of Vajdahunyad castle - There was a fayre taking place and people were enjoying the good weather, food and live performances. I could hear the soft tones of the drum and we came to the statue of "Anonymus" (Anonymus was a chronicler, most likely for King Bela III) - The performer was simply brilliant - the sounds and notes he made with this strange drum were outstanding and the tune he played was eerie and soulful, made more so by the sombre statue he played next to.

Violin & guitar duo at Fisherman's Bastion

As we walked through the old lookout post named Fisherman's Bastion, we stopped to watch these two old gentleman performing - One had a Violin, and the other a guitar, the music they played was lively and uplifting - They were very skilful and you could tell they enjoyed performing. In the background of this video you can see the fantastic Parliament building - A picturesque backdrop to enjoy some traditional music to.

Precession and Choir at St Stephen's Basilica

On the Saturday evening of our trip, we headed out after our evening meal for some drinks - As we approached St Stephen's Basilica we could hear some beautiful choir music - There was a service at the church and the music was being transmitted to loud speakers around the square. I'm assuming that as it was Easter Sunday the next day, that this was some kind of related service. What made it even more special was the precession that they held around the outside of the Basilica - Hundreds of people joined in, many with candles; With the music playing and the golden light shining on the Basilica it really was something to behold.

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