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Realising a dream - Watching an NBA game at Madison Square Garden

Realising a dream - Watching an NBA game at Madison Square Garden

Basketball been my favourite sport since primary school. Whilst most kids played football (real football, not American football!), I was always captivated by shooting hoops. At my primary school, we had a barn. In this barn there was a basketball net! We would spend our dinnertimes playing and shooting baskets and improving our skill. The other boys would play football on the field and playground.

Pre-game bite to eat at an Irish Bar

As I grew up, I was privileged to watch the legendary Michael Jordan. I remember my dad recording the NBA Finals for us. We watched Jordan's Bulls take down Stock and Malone of the Jazz. I literally remember the shot Jordan took after crossing Bryant Russell - what a game!

Pre-game training and warm-up at Madison Square Garden

As you would imagine, it has always been a dream of mine to watch a live NBA game in the States. I can now say I have done it! For my birthday, Lauren brought me tickets to watch the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden! I was over the Moon - what an amazing gift!

Tip off time at Madison Square Garden!

New York was a magnificent adventure in itself. But to see NBA action at one of the most remowned arenas in the world was stupendous! I felt truly blessed. Who would we watch? The New York Knicks vs. The Atlanta Hawks. I would get to see the legend that is Vince Carter! Yes I know hes ancient now, but still - this man in my opinion gave us the best All Star Dunk Contest performance in history!

Game Night! Heading to the Garden

On the night we headed to the stadium after going up the Empire State Building. Beforehand we had enjoyed a bite to eat and a few drinks at an Irish Pub near our hotel. The crowds outside Madison Square Garden were large and we had to queue to get in.

Knicks shooting a free-throw at Madison Square Garden

As with other places we had visited, there was a security check and bag search. Once we were in I was absolutely buzzing! I could see the court! I literally couldn't stop smiling - it was just fantastic!

In-game action for the Knicks at Madison Square Garden

The only downside - Cost of food and drink!

I have to mention the bad bits - luckily there was only one - the cost! We brought two fizzy drinks, and Lauren had a hotdog covered in onions and cheese. It came to around 30 USD! I thought that was really expensive for what it was. Oh well...a small price to pay for the fun that would ensue!

In-game action for the Knicks at Madison Square Garden

Let the action commence - Tip-off time!

So we took our seat and got comfortable. From the moment I sat down my eyes were glued to the court. I loved every second! Even watching the teams training was a great experience. To see Tim Hardaway Junior, Vince Carter and other amazing players was a treat! The game started and it was epic! The pace of play was so fast and intense. Furthermore, you get a real feel for how skilful they are

In-game action for the Knicks at Madison Square Garden

It was everything I expected and more. The Knicks lost but I don't support them anyway so I wasn't bothered. They threw it away in the last quarter! Lauren enjoyed it too which I was pleased about. She was on the hunt for celebrities. We saw Fat Joe and Hugh Jackman! I even got to take some decent pics with my DSLR camera.

Final scoreboard Knicks vs. Hawks at Madison Square Garden

Watching the Knicks was a night to remember - that's another dream ticket off of my bucket list, and one of the best birthday presents ever!

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