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Returning to Solo Travel

Returning to Solo Travel

After several years of sharing adventures with Lauren it was once again time to travel solo.

We had seen much of the world together – Ibiza, Heidelberg, Rome, New York, Singapore, Bali & Thailand to name a few places.

My first solo adventure since 2016

During this time I had only travelled solo once – to Greenland and Iceland. All the above trips were either with Lauren or friends.

A previous solo adventure to the Republic of Ireland

Fast forward to 2019 and my life has changed. Lauren and I have parted ways and I find myself once again facing the world alone.

Time for some adventures with just me, myself and I!

Jumping back on the horse and relying on my own wit

I wrote this article whilst sitting on a plane heading for Ljubljana in Slovenia. Alone. To be honest, it felt like I had never travelled solo before – I was nervous!

Solo adventure to Greenland and Ilulissat

Before setting of for the airport, I even contemplated just sitting in my flat and sacking the whole thing off! But why? What had changed? I am an experienced solo traveller for gods sake!

Solo travel in Madaba, Jordan

Iceland, Jordan, Ireland and even Antarctica! Surely a city break to Slovenia should be easy?

Travelling to Antarctica on my own in 2014

Travelling with others changes your mindset

I can only deduce that it's down to being out of practice. The last time I travelled alone was 2015-2016. I have been used to having someone with me – someone to talk to. Someone to give me reassurance.

I guess I have become complacent and not as independent. When someone is with you, you can share the responsibility. Now that I am on my own, I realize that it's just me and my own decisions.

Exploring Svalbard in the High Arctic

That does take some real effort and determination. As the plane surged on, I steadily felt the old excitement and sense of freedom return. Once I made it to the hostel, I was OK – solo travel once again became like a second nature to me.

Practice makes perfect

After an amazing time in Slovenia, I have since continued my solo adventures and visited Salzburg in Austria, and enjoyed an epic trip to Svalbard and the High Arctic. Both trips were out of this world and have really renewed my solo travellers confidence.

Back on the saddle - exploring Salzburg solo

If you are apprehensive about solo travel, or like me, have taken a break, it's a simple case of re-training your brain, and adjusting your mindset. The first adventure alone may be daunting, but that will soon fade!

The wondrous landscape of Svalbard
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