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Photo of the Day - 21.09.15 - Stunning sunset at Whitby

Blazing sunset across Whitby

Sometimes a photographer will get extremely lucky and be presented with a breathtaking scene that requires little to no effort on their part other than to take the photo - Today's photo of the day was one of those moments for me, I literally walked down the pier at Whitby and was delighted to find this beautiful sunset open up before my eyes. The timing was perfect; If I had arrived 5 minutes later, the beautiful colours would have disappeared and I would never have taken this photo - That is sometimes how photography goes, but this time the luck was on my side.

So what makes this photo special? I don't think I even need to go into detail, it speaks for itself. The colours of the sky, the colours of the reflection of the sky in the water and on the beach, the ripples of the waves, its just beautiful! I have seen quite a few stunning sunsets but this one is definitely my favourite, its just so vivid and colourful.

The detail that really makes this photo however is the lone child playing in the water - Without that child this photo would not be half as intriguing. When I look at this photo, I pick out the child, and it makes me wonder about so many things and also reminds me of my childhood and when we used to take trips to the seaside. One lone child happily playing in the sea, framed against all of that majestic colour and landscape, simply fantastic.

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