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The Empire State Building

Travelling Tale: Visiting the Empire State Building, New York

As I have stated before, the Empire State Building is one of those iconic buildings that I automatically associate with New...

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Posted on 13.04.14

Photo Essay - The Begijnhof, Bruges

Photo Essay - Bruges, The Begijnhof

During my solo trip to Bruges I had some spare time to kill while waiting for the 14:00 Halve Moon Brewery tour so I headed to the square that I had heard people talking about - The...

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Posted on 31.03.14

My first solo travel experience

My first solo travel experience

As my desire to travel more-often grew over the last few years, I was confronted with the need to solo travel - My friends simply didn't share the same interest or...

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Posted on 27.03.14

Hostel review - The Bauhaus, Bruges

Hostel Review: The Bauhaus, Bruges, Belgium

In March 2013 I went on my first solo trip (you can read about my thoughts on my solo experience here); The destination was the beautiful town of Bruges in Belgium. Whenever I have been...

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Posted on 25.03.14

Travelling tale - The Statue of Liberty

Travelling Tale: The Statue of Liberty

During my 5 day stop in New York I took a tour of Liberty & Ellis Islands to see the iconic Statue of Liberty - I'm not sure how anyone feels about Lady Liberty but I...

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Posted on 18.03.14

Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: Florence Cathedral

I had seem photos of Florence Cathedral before seeing it in person so I knew what to expect, however the beauty and sheer scale of this architectural...

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Posted on 11.03.14

Travel Insurance with a medical condition

Travelling with an Illness - Part 2 - Travel Insurance

When travelling, I always take out insurance that covers my specific health condition, this has both positives and negatives, but I will not take the risk of being...

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Posted on 03.03.14

Antarctica itinerary 2014

Antarctica: Travel Itinerary for Nov 2014!!

After some really disappointing news about not being able to travel to Kenya on safari (I can't have the Yellow Fever vaccination due to my transplant), I thought about where...

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Posted on 27.02.14

Photo Essay - The wonders of home

Photo Essay: The wonders of home

When I first bought my new Canon EOS-M camera, I was itching to try it out - I had recently damaged my knee so couldn't drive out, but luckily...

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Posted on 22.02.14

Intrepid Air and Space Museum, New York

Travelling Tale: The Intrepid air and Space Museum NYC

Ok so first things first - the Intrepid is the "USS Intrepid" i.e. an ex military Aircraft carrier!!! How awesome is that?? This museum fought in World War 2 and...

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Posted on 17.02.14

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