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During my solo trip to Bruges I had some spare time to kill while waiting for the 14:00 Halve Moon Brewery tour so I headed to the square that I had heard people talking about - The Begijnhof. I hadn't read anything about it or knew what it was like, but I am so glad I went there - It provided some of my favourite photos from the trip and was a really beautiful place.

The square was surrounded by old white step-gable buildings and the centre was covered in grass and amazing White and Yellow Daffodils - It really was a picture perfect place. I would definitely recommend spending some time there on your visit to Bruges - Even if you are not interested in photography (It's such a brilliant place to photograph!), the Begijnhof is a great place to admire and simply sit and watch the world go by, or have a quiet moment of contemplation.

Beautiful Daffodils flowering in the peaceful Begijnhof square

The centre of the square was covered with Yellow and White Daffodils that really offset the white buildings and scantily clad trees.

The Begijnhof was a great place to admire and take a quiet stroll in

It was great fun to experiment with different angles and heights to snap the Daffodils and surroundings - Low angled shots worked really well with the flowers in the foreground.

There were lovely Golden Yellow Daffodils and also the paler white variety

The sun was at a really good height too - It shone through the Daffodils to give them a pleasant glow. The whole square looked simply entrancing.

Surrounding white buildings and a beautiful old church

The combination of flowers, buildings, trees and sky gave the square a diverse range of subject matter and made photo composition really easy.

Beautiful variety of white Daffodil

I could have spent all day in the Begijnhof; it was a really peaceful environment, and the colours and flowers bursting in every corner were really breathtaking.

Surrounding white Step-gable buildings

The white buildings surrounded the square and contrasted nicely to the flowers and greenery in the centre; I love the step-gable style facades in Bruges, which give the buildings so much character.

I could have spent all day here photographing the flowers and square

I tried to get some shots with no people in at all, however it proved impossible - The sunshine meant that the Begijnhof was simply too attractive and there were a fair amount of tourists strolling through the square.

The light was perfect, shining through the Daffodils

This is my favourite close-up of the Daffodils, I love how the light shines through the white petals, on the grass and on the side of the white building, creating contrast and dimension.

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