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I spent 4 days in Iceland in early 2013 and loved every second of it, this place is amazing and like nowhere else. I've heard so many people say that Iceland is a photographers paradise - it really is!!! The epic landscapes, cascading waterfalls, barren volcanic planes and snow capped mountains give endless photographic opportunities and you can really let you creativity and imagination run wild.

I went to Iceland in April - the scenery was still fairly spartan and barren, hence why there is little greenery on my photos; If your looking for the truly lush Icelandic scenery then you need to visit in the summer months - You can end up with a totally different landscape and range of colours too immerse yourself in. Unfortunately I went to Iceland before I got a better camera so these photos are not as high quality as Rome or Barcelona, however I hope they give you a sense of what Iceland is all about, enjoy!

Ceiling of Hallgrimskirkja church with light flooding through the windows

Hallgrimskirkja church towers over everything else in Reykjavik; its interior is minimal and with little adornment - the harsh grey columns and window arches provide great lines and angles to photograph.

Reykjavik with the barely visible Esja volcanic mountain range in the background

You can go up to the top of Hallgrimskirkja church to gain panoramic views of Reykjavik - be warned, its bloody cold, especially when sticking your hands out of the railings to get photos! This photo shows the brightly coloured buildings of Reykjavik in contrast to the bleak and wild nature of its surroundings.

The Sun Voyager, Reykjavik

The Sun Voyager sculpture in Reykjavik, this beautiful sculpture is meant to represent dreams of hope, freedom and progress (not a Viking long-boat!).

Reykjavik harbour and Esja mountain range

Reykjavik harbour was fresh and lively, bustling with tourists waiting for their whale watching trips and the fishermen bringing in their catch. I like how this photo frames the mountains and has many different shades of blue.

My new best friend, a beautiful Icelandic horse with golden mane

This is probably my favourite photo from Iceland; Icelandic horses are so friendly and mild tempered. We stopped on our bus tour to feed some horses - as soon as we pulled up they immediately trotted over, eager for some affection (and food). This particular chap had a beautiful golden mane and fringe.

Strokkur Geysir erupting in Haukadalur

This has to be my most hard earned photo - with no tripod or any equipment, I had to just stand with the camera, waiting for Strokkur to erupt - It erupts every 6-8 minutes so I didn't have to wait long, however I messed up twice so it took 20 minutes in total.... worth it!

Skalholt Church - reconstructed between 1956 to 1963

Skalholt Church near the river Hvita, like other Icelandic churches the inside was fairly modest , most unlike the extravagant churches and cathedrals of England and France. From the church you could see beautiful landscapes including the active volcano Hekla.

The road leading to nowhere

Our tour stopped for a toilet break and drinks en-route to Gullfoss so I took some photos of the scenery. This particular shot give the impression of a barren landscape with a road leading to nowhere.

Gullfoss waterfall cascading into the Hvita river

Gullfoss waterfall is undoubtedly the most beautiful piece of natural scenery I have visited to date. The Power, majesty and raw beauty are unforgettable - the noise is pretty deafening too!

Gullfoss waterfall, a MUST SEE sight in Iceland

Another shot of Gullfoss waterfall, you can clearly see the different tiers of the walls here and the rocky platform on the left hand side is where you can get up close to the crashing waters.

Leifur Eiriksson stands proudly in front of Hallgrimskirkja church

Leifur Eiriksson stands proudly in front of Hallgrimskirkja church - Eiriksson was supposedly the first European to set foot on the North American continent (excluding Greenland).

Reykjavik viewed from the Hallgrimskirkja bell tower

Leifur Eiriksson in the foreground, just across the road to the right was Hotel Leifur Eiriksson that we stayed in, and the main street running down is Skolavoraustigur

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