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Sunsets have always captivated me and put my soul at ease - I could happily gaze at a sunset and be content; the colours, beauty and sheer magnificence that this daily phenomenon brings really speak to me. Whenever I can, I always try to get some sunset photos when travelling - I am always amazed at the variety of different colours and contrasts around the world - here are some of my favourites to date, enjoy!

Sunset in Nottinghamshire

I took this in my home town of Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire - I lived on a hill with amazing views of the surrounding countryside and was lucky enough to see many beautiful sunsets.

Caribbean sunset at Sea

During my first trip to the Caribbean I saw some spectacular sunsets at sea - the reflections on the water and the unhindered view really helped to create some great sunsets and variety of colours.

Caribbean sunset as seen from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Clouds really make sunsets interesting - you get bright outlines around the cloud edges and sunlight shining through to create a very dynamic sky.

Another amazing Caribbean sunset with an almost unreal skyline

When taking sunset shots you have to be quick and ready as the sky will constantly change colour - every second may bring a different photo opportunity

Sunset at Falmouth, Jamaica

Foreground subjects can make a sunset photo more interesting and add to the already dynamic photo. Make sure you expose for the sky however as you can adjust the foreground afterwards.

Purple and orange sunset taken from my bedroom!

Sometimes you don't have to go far for a sunset - I was lucky enough to witness this beauty from my own bedroom window!

Mediterranean sunset off the coast of Italy

I love how the colours in the sky change subtly from blue to various shades of red, orange and yellow.

Another beautiful Mediterranean sunset seen from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Watching a sunset puts me at peace and my mind clears of all negative thoughts - I can't explain why but I really can't think of any better stress release for me.

Strong oranges and a bright reflection on the water make this sunset

In this shot, the boat and wake create an interesting foreground subject, while the islands and hills silhouette the colours in the sky perfectly.

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