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When I first bought my new Canon EOS-M camera, I was itching to try it out - I had recently damaged my knee so couldn't drive out, but luckily the weather was lovely so I took a variety of shots from the garden, outhouse and around my home - I was really pleased with the results and had a lot of fun experimenting with different angles and settings on my new toy!

Colourful garden scene, complete with green house!

A simple photo of our garden - The plant gives some foreground attention while the grass, fence, greenhouse and sky provide different focal points and colours. Love how the clouds look in the photo.

A lovely pair of old trainers drying out in the summer sun

A pair of old trainers that are used for working in the garden propped up near the outhouse. I enjoy taking photos of random objects - You can be creative and it often creates a more unique photo.

Close-up of our next door neighbours greenhouse

Photo of the next door neighbours greenhouse with flowers in the background.

The DIY/Car cleaning shelf in our outhouse

I took this photo inside the outhouse - We have a shelf full of random crap basically, from Autoglym to T-cut and varnish - Mainly things you use for either DIY or cleaning the car.

Cute house number plaque on our outhouse wall

Nice and simple, our house number plaque complete with pig motif. Not a particularly imaginative photo, but the texture of the brick and the wooden sign give some nice contrast.

The resident guard dog, looks a tad stiff today!

The guard dog... Not sure he would be much use If I were to be burgled but he definitely looks the part outside the front door!

A old basketball that's been left outside a little too long!

A slightly worse for wear Basketball that I left out in the rain... for 5 months..... I still bounces though and also creates a nice photo!

A Beetroot plant in our vegetable patch

Our vegetable patch has a variety of seasonal plants, from Leeks to Sweet Peas. When in season it's simply amazing to take photos of - Getting low down among the plants like the Beetroot pictured to get a shot is quite fun!

A beautiful red flower catches the sun's rays

A lone flower provides a great colourful foreground for the photo - the grass and sky give extra colour and depth.

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