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Ribblehead Viaduct - This grade 2 listing building spans the valley containing the river Ribble in North Yorkshire and is a perfect spot to enjoy the scenery, have a walk and take some stunning photos.

Getting there - The main thing you have to remember about Ribblehead Viaduct is that it is literally in the middle of nowhere! Situated in the western part of the North Yorkshire Dales near Ingleton and Horton in Ribblesdale; unless you are driving through, its not going to be a short day trip. For us, part of the fun and adventure of travel is the journey, so we thoroughly enjoyed the drive on the winding roads and country lanes of the dales (even though it took approx 2 hours!).

There is plenty of parking around the Viaduct, mainly near the Station Inn Pub or next to Ribblehead Station - if both of these areas are full, there is a lay-by on the main road approx 2 minutes walk from the pub.

What to do? - We first took time to view the Viaduct from a far off perspective, as you can then truly appreciate its size and scale and see how it fits into the surrounding countryside. Next we had a leisurely walk down the wide footpath to look at the Viaduct up close - you can walk through the arches and there are numerous footpaths in the surrounding area if you are looking for a longer trek, and for those who enjoy a challenging hike, you can always traverse two of the "Yorkshire three peaks" - Ingleton or Whernside.

The Viaduct itself was finished in 1874 and still has an active railway running over it. The limestone arches are great to walk under and provide a beautiful backdrop for the Yorkshire countryside, while the shear length and scale of the viaduct remind us of man's ingenuity. Remember to keep an eye out for trains travelling along the viaduct - we were lucky enough to see an old steam train passing by!

When we had our fill of the Viaduct, enjoyed a refreshing walk in the countryside and took some quality photos we headed over to Ribblehead train station. Across the road from the Station Inn pub, the train station is a beautiful building with some quaint and interesting features - the view from the platform is amazing and if you are lucky enough to be there at sunset you are in for a treat.

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I heart this place because

Set in the idyllic North Yorkshire Dales, Ribblehead Viaduct is a marvel of architectural achievement. The surrounding scenery of the dales perfectly frames the rolling curves of the Viaduct and gives great photographic opportunities

Dont miss out on

Visiting Ribblehead train station - the old stone buildings with period details such as the old platform light and decals in the windows give character and personality to a wonderful structure. Situated two minutes walk across from the Station Inn pub we strongly recommend you take a couple of minutes to have a look around.

Ribblehead station - beautiful Yorkshire architecture

Ribblehead Station

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Photos taken using a Canon Powershot ssx220 & a Canon 600D

Ribblehead Viaduct was a photographers dream although getting the right lighting and angle of the sun was tricky - the sky was partially in clouds and partially cloud free - we had to take shots from multiple angles to ensure we got the best exposures

Ribblehead Viaduct closeup Ingleborough mountain range Ribblehead Viaduct Surrounding hills and fields of the Viaduct Surrounding scenery with cloudy skies Archways of the Viaduct Ribblehead train station Plaque commemorating the construction of the Viaduct Wide-angle shot of Ribblehead Viaduct Ribblehead train station Ribblehead Viaduct Surrounding fields and hills

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